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As all of my faithful readers can attest, I have a very difficult time shopping for Zach. Some of my friends have husbands who love to shop and while Zach does enjoy shopping, it’s not exactly the type of shopping that is conducive to everyday life. For example, he only ever buys workout gear, hunting gear, mountain biking gear, etc which leaves all of his normal life clothing largely dependent on me. I honestly think that if I wouldn’t have donated them he would still be rocking his polos from college just because the thought of buying new clothes, trying on new clothes and returning new clothes totally stresses him out. Luckily he is married to a semi-professional shopper who loves nothing more than scrolling the internet for stylish picks. However, when it comes to men’s clothing I honestly just get so confused. I will think something looks good and Zach will be all “never in a million years”. I’ve beefed up my pinterest and instagram game when it comes to men’s fashion but I don’t quite have a handle on the full spectrum of the internet retail space and turn time and time again to Nordstrom.

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Pretty Prints from Free People

Last night we had a double date with my friend/photographer, Katheryn, and her husband. She was wearing a really cute printed tank which brought up a discussion about how neither one of us love prints that much but we really love Free People‘s prints. There is something unique and not overwhelmingly busy about them which works out for basics-loving girls like us. Remember the pink top I wore in this post? It’s Free People! So is the red dress below! I literally ordered it last week, took photos the next day and wouldn’t you know it that it’s already sold out in red. Such is life I suppose. Maybe it will come back in stock but until then I found it in white, black and a ton of other colors too!

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Friday Favorites No. 25

Happy Friday!! I’ve got some weekend sales for you and a great giveaway with Colleen Rothschild! First of all let’s address that the mother of all sales, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, is coming to a close this weekend! Some of you are so happy that your feed will quit being spammed while others of you are in mourning. I am in the latter group. If you still want to get some fall shopping, Christmas shopping or just happy Friday I just got paid shopping then here are the 18 items I think you should snag. Don’t worry, they are all still in stock!

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Amazon Fashion | Dresses Under $100

By now we’ve all established that Amazon is the only way to shop on the go. After all if you aren’t using Amazon Prime I honestly don’t know how you survive. I already order diapers, wipes, coffee, toiletries, etc off of Amazon but recently I discovered that they have a pretty great fashion department as well. A ton of the brands that I shop at Nordstrom, Shopbop & Revolve all are offered on Amazon. The only downside is there is so. much. stuff. It really takes an extra shot of espresso and some mad shopping skills to filter through it all. That is where I come in! Here are the 33 best dresses under $100 as deemed by yours truly. Some of them are regularly priced that way and some of them are on sale but all of them are so pretty and at such great prices! Also, after I finished this post I found this one which might be my favorite dress of all!

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Cris & Linds Do Instagram Live

Going up on a Tuesday. Or going down. Depending if you think we’re funny or just plain spastic. My friend Lindsey and I recently got together for a little makeup play session. The long term plan is to team up monthly and share our favorite beauty products + film some tutorials but first we need to figure out how to get the camera to focus on both of our faces at the same time. Struggling with the actual filming we decided to give Instagram live a go. Neither one of us had ever done it so this clip is a little (read: very) rough. I wanted to blog it since so many of you have messaged me about the products. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

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Friday Favorites No. 24

Happy Friday, friends!! I have officially claimed this week the week of giveaways as seen here, here and here. You really need to go enter this one because we are giving away the laser treatment I had done on my face.

If you follow my instagram stories you know I took the girls on their first plane flight this week! It went as smoothly as it could have and they did great. In sharing the experience I got a ton of questions about their backpacks so here are the links. Scottie’s is this one in the kid’s size and Hayden’s is this one in the youth’s size. As for the questions about what I was wearing on the beach you can shop my coverup here. I actually got it on sale and now it’s back up to full price but I did find this one on sale. I also shared this sun hat and this sunscreen.

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